UBBR Elite Breeders

The UBBR Elite breeders list consists of breeders who continuously meet guidelines and recommendations laid out by us:

• All breeding stock is correctly registered
• Providing UBBR certification with each puppy
• Follow UBBR policy regarding minimum/maximum age of breeding stock and number of litters
• Identify breeding stock with correct documentation/microchip number
• Make full use of health tests such as Hip/elbow dysphasia and Eye related disease schemes
• Draw up a contract of sale for each pup
• Provide clear information about the breed characteristics to enhance buyer knowledge with regards to the breed they are purchasing
• Ensure puppy has been inspected by a veterinary prior to sale
• Socialise pups well before selling
• Provide written advice on feeding, worming and socialising the puppy
• Provide reasonable post sale telephone advice
• Breeding for a purpose with a clear program in mind
• Continuously stock for breed suitability, temperament and decent conformation